Thursday, June 30, 2005

delusions of grandeur tour

4500+ miles road trip into the west. stoppages in Tucson, L.A.(where I attended the opening of Margaret Kilgallen, In the Sweet Bye and Bye exhibit at Redcat gallery, and viewed Bill Daniel's film Who is Bozo Texino), Santa Monica, Venice, San Francisco, Reno, Nevada; East Ely, Nevada; etc... Made drawings along the way in Big Spring, Texas; Monahans, Texas; Lordsburg, N.M.; returning...on a BN/SF train in a siding near Clayton, N.M.; and Dalhart, Texas. Seems like there were more, but my mind is failing and I can't recall at the moment.
To guage the readership of this blog, I will mail documentation of the journey to anyone who drops me a postcard with their address to buZ blurr
908 Main

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Shot 2 from Reno

The boxcar icon title to about 40 drawings in the New Yard, referring to the dual portraits of our latest guests here at the White Trash Bed & Breakfast.