Thursday, July 07, 2011

gourdhead collage

gourdhead collage by PrincipalityofbuZ
gourdhead collage, a photo by PrincipalityofbuZ on Flickr.


Blogger cmonster said...

As I live and breathe! I found your blog while looking at random things and following random links. I think the last time I saw y'all was when I was still married to my second wife, Monavee, back in the late 90's. We stopped by on the way to bury my Grandfather's ashes, if I remember correctly. Way too much has passed and way too many years have also passed since then. I'm still at the same home in Texas. Been here some 17 to 20 years. Still the Son of the Synthetic Cowboy and I still often think of you and my Dad doing the things y'all did...well...whatever it was it put a huge smile on my Dad's face while he was still alive! I think fondly of searching the railroad cars every time they passed by. Searching for those chalked-on drawings that made my Dad so happy to see. I found a metal filebox of his letters and lots of artwork of various types....low and behold there is post art and I happened to be looking at post art on the Internet and wondering how I could join in that disappearing art form.
I made props and designed sets for a haunted house attraction off and on for about 20 years or so. We made stuff that would make folks soil their dungarees. And it does, too!
Tore a thumb-sized chunk of bone out of my heel when my Achilles tendon decided to give up the ghost and take a tendon or two out in the process. That, my doctors and family squawking at me since 2006, an ugly and ongoing fight with Type I Wilford Brimley Syndrome (diubeetus), and some bone loss in the other foot finally convinced me to apply for disability and quit beating up my carcass. Excellent side effect is way too much free time, but time getting spent slowly making stuff and hopefully doing some small batches of container gardening on the patio. Since walking canes are fairly integral in keeping me from faceplanting in the dirt, I'm going through experimentation in hand made bamboo walking canes. I have a small bamboo patch in the backyard that is very nice material for canes. There are three on the creating block now that I should be done with in a week or less...provided O.C.D. spells taper off. (jest).
The comments in Blogger only allow for a tad over 4,000 letters, so I had to cut out a bunch before posting. I apologize. I tend to ramble. If this screed appears disjointed, the 4,000 limit is the reason...sadly redacted by mine own petard.
I had a blog set up last year with these Blogger folks, but I couldn't access it a minute ago. It oughta be called "Cmonster's Lair" or "Lair of the Cmonster". I forget which. I wrote a few things then kind of got discouraged because I couldn't rationalize ANYBODY giving a flying flip what some forty-something year old goofball thought on a given day. I have no compelling insights on world affairs nor any pearls for swine. There is a great dog napping under my desk, some unfinished artwork waiting for me to finish in the next few days, and a big pot of homemade beans and hamhocks to devour in the fridge.
I think my week's schedule is set.
I hope to hear from you sometime and I hope the family is doing great up there! Y'all do cross my mind often and Dad always had wonderful things to say about y'all. After a few stray projects get completed I'm going to tuck into the mail art box and see what I can discover. Neatness from what the initial perusal produced and I can't wait to really look at the goodies. It's like an art treasure chest!

Best regards and best wishes,
"Little" Charles, son of the Synthetic Cowboy

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